Kata Szegedi’s story began in 2009, when Kata founded her independent, namesake label in Budapest. That year, she became the top young fashion designer at the Fashion Awards Hungary. Daniel won the same award 2 years later. In 2014, Kata won the best fashion designer award of Glamour Women of the Year. In 2022 the label won the Best Fashion Brand of the year award.

Kata Szegedi and Daniel Benus met in 2002 while studying at ‘Kisképző’ Secondary School of Fine and Applied Arts, where they became best friends.

Creating wearable moving sculptures, Objects of Desire. The brand is a brave creator of instantly recognizable styles like the “Roads” that is blurring lines between wearable clothes and moving sculptures for real people in real life. Roads are made of sections of streets, highways and intersections, crossings and overpasses, similarly to our lives being made up of times, places, people and meetings. The roads objects take the pieces/sections of our life, and creates a new meaning from them by attaching them to each other and placing one above the other, giving birth to a new creation by sewing together fragments of materials, segments of our lives, sections of the roads we travel. We use memories collected on our journey to form new paths into the future, as we reuse the materials we collected to create new pieces that are a living proof to actionable sustainability. These journeys full of memories, inspired our signature ROADS pants. Kata Szegedi is focusing on developing their signature Roads texture into a denim focused collection. Streetwear influences meet craftsmanship, the result is a wearable line of architectural silhouettes. Like in the past few seasons the main inspiration was contemporary art and music, mixed with streetwear culture and the use of upcycled and dead stock fabrics. Kata Szegedi Moving Sculptures get closer to everyday wear, with a twist in the cuts, styled with their core pieces like hoodies , overshirts , coats and blazers, the must haves from the brand.