Luca Valentini was born in Reggio Emilia in 1967, after a long collaboration between the workshops ofmaster craftsmen, in which he expresses his stylistic footwear qualities, he debuted in 2004 with his firstcollection which is mainly inspired by the street: the “nursery” of fashion , source and target of continuousmutations.Noticed by the International Footwear Museum of Vigevano, he was selected in 2008 among the emergingstylists in the context of the exhibition “The stiletto heel, charm and seduction”, for his 2mm titanium heel,impossible to make in any other material.A new stylistic journey begins for him which it will lead him tocollaborate with the Italian Camera Buyer, with a capsule designed exclusively for its associates.The quality of the materials, the craftsmanship, the Made in Italy, the attention to detail and the ethicalconnotation, always remain its strengths and constitute its mission: to define and fix in an object, a deepand unique feeling, synthesizing in a feminine and fashion shoe the emotion that generated it and made itimmediately usable and lovable to anyone who wears it