A brand with a clear and distinct voice. We design experimental and sophisticated knitwear in which the world of art is infused with a suggestion of urban-folk. The result is an aesthetically futuristic and recognizable trademark, thanks to abstract and psychedelic patterns with a strong chromatic impact. A timeless and gender-fluid knit wardrobe: the cardigan, sweatshirt, bomber jacket and even Kimono (a knitmono, according to us) are reinterpreted as knitwear adorned with fluid shapes and games of colour that stretch beyond the boundaries of genre and season.

We believe in the value of Made in Italy, and thanks to the incredible savoir-faire of Mely’s Maglieria we are able to invest in the search for fine yarns, knitwear stitches, and innovative production techniques. A passion and know-how that we pass on from generation to generation in the Sanarelli family, from 1956 up until today. This is the story of Mely’s Maglieria, which allows us to give shape to more complex creations such as jacquards with contrasting geometric motifs, worked in the most precious yarns. A mix of artisan traditions that we renew thanks to cutting-edge technologies and creativity inspired by art.