Varenna Fashion is the first luxury Activewear brand totally Made in Italy that offers sustainable garments made with recycled yarns, that offers high end technology garments with sophisticated lines, that anti- cipate the latest trends in the fashion world. Our goal is to reaffirm and confirm the leadership of Italian fashion abroad. Varenna’s clothes are the perfect synthesis of functionality and creativity.

Our story starts from the evocative reach of the homonymous town located on Lake Como, childhood place of the founder and creative director of the brand, Arantxa Candini according to which: “Como has always been the highest expression of the Italian cult of beauty, inspired by some of the most famous desi- gners in the world. Lake Como reminds us how much beauty our planet Earth has to offer and the duty we have to preserve it for future generations.”

When you work with people and what Mother Earth offers daily, you realise the beauty of diversity and the richness of life that surrounds us. We understood we have a responsibility, because industrial processes go through a lot of waste every day, so we know each small decision has a huge impact. We optimise the use of materials while fine–tuning the processes with our producers, eliminating waste, promoting recyclability from the earliest product design phases. We are always looking for low–impact solutions in terms of natural re- sources and energy.

The use of precious and recycled fabrics, the control over the entire production chain, the extreme rese- arch for beauty combined with usefulness and a small production scale that comes close to “tailor made” are fundamental characteristics of all our products that stand out both for the extremely refined aesthe- tics and for being entirely realized in a sustainable way. We work in a constant balance between tradition, innovation and passion that allows us to create the right combination to ensure a product with extraordinary qualitative and aesthetic features also guaranteed by the digital certificate that accompanies each of our garments that ensures originality, provenance and sustainability.

We strongly believe that the activewear of the future must evolve in a balanced way between fashion and functionality. Precisely due to this reason, at a time when fashion is experiencing a strong decentralization, we decided to offer the highest quality production that is 100% Made in Italy. We of Varenna commit our- selves to daily carry out a positive change for the people and for the environment, making eco–sustainable choices, proposing fully recyclable garments made with recycled fabrics that come only from the most renowned Italian technical suppliers. The textile industry plays a crucial environmental role because it has a major impact on global water consumption and greenhouse gas emissions in the atmosphere. That‘s why is important a new awareness that prefers choices that can reduce the environmental impact.

The attitude of Varenna Fashion is to offer an experience of well–being tout court. In fact, the same attention that the brand has placed in the production of the linea of activewear, has been turned, in equal measure, to the construction of a real ethical lifestyle. Varenna is an enterprise where economic value always

go hand in hand with human values and fair work never steals people‘s souls but, one the contrary, it heighten their dignity. We want to have a positive impact for everyone that we depend on and for those who depend on us in return. We can, and should, improve the lives of the people we touch. The same way yoga does.