VAYRE is an advanced contemporary brand rooted in the values ​​of a new feminine and profound sustainability. Founded in 2020, by Kris Goojha and Diana Iris Baltazar, the brand has overcome the challenges of the global pandemic and social chaos to launch a collection that expresses for its unique voice in the industry. Sharp and sophisticated, the VAYRE collection is seasonless and highly wearable. Taking inspiration from nature and architecture, VAYRE’s gaze is that of the New Feminine that is emerging now.

The first collection is an exploration to minimize the environmental impact on the planet by adding novelty and beauty to it. The business model is integrated with sustainable values, materials and processes. It is often designed around recycled fibers, transforming existing resources rather than consuming new ones. The brand collaborates with vertical producers in Italy, Portugal and Turkey to reduce the carbon footprint. As part of the mission, VAYRE always tries to find new ways to improve the level of sustainability.