Functional organic herbal teas, useful at any moment of the day.
Wilden. herbals is a company that firmly believes in the natural boosting and tonifying effect of plants.

Wilden. herbals was born from the collaboration of three co-founders united
by the same willingness to rediscover a slow paced lifestyle, even in big cities. Wilden. herbals’ Remedia
line turns a simple break
into a unique moment. From the morning break to your beloved cup of herbal tea just after lunch or before your weekly deadline, our herbals teas are functional and able to adapt to your biological rhythms.

They are caffeine-free and contain no added flavours or colourings.

In our herbal teas you won’t find anything but cure and attention.
The packaging paper is recyclable, the filters are fully compostable and the taste enhances the organic herbs we carefully select.